The future of UK water

{ Posted on Nov 04 2010 by chris }
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The water authorities seem to have a lack of water every year around the summer period – yet there seems to be more and more floods!  The UK had excellent reservoirs, built by the Victorians but slowly they are being sold off. Looking into the future – it’s unlikely that the water situation is going to improve.

Considering all the other ECO funding going on, eg. FITs and RHIs – it would seem that the UK government is missing a trick by not encouraging rainwater recycling. Rainwater recycling can save consumers £100s per year – and is more ecologically sound than getting consumers to install wind or solar energy generation products which have often been shown to have a negative energy contribution (eg. takes more energy to produce than they will generate).

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, houses in other countries are often equipped to collect rainwater as newbuilds. I suggest that all new builds in the UK should come with a rainwater storage tank and a few meters of extra piping required – after all its much cheaper to install a rainwater system in a new build than retrofit. What do you think?

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  1. Great post. I agree that all newbuilds should have rainwater storage as standard; otherwise we are just throwing money down the drain literally!!! Looking forward to future posts from you.

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